Amazon Fire TV Setup Instructions

Step 1

From the ‘Home’ page, navigate over to ‘Settings’ across the top menu.

Step 2

From within the ‘Settings’ menu, navigate to ‘My Fire TV’ and select it.

Step 3

From within the ‘Device’ menu, navigate to ‘Developer Options’ and select it.

Step 4

From within ‘Developer Options’ menu, ensure that ‘App from Unknown Sources’ and ‘ADB debugging’ are switched ‘On’ and then press the ‘Home’ button to return to the ‘Home’ page.

Step 5

From the ‘Home’ page, navigate to magnifying glass in the top left corner.

Step 6

Start to type “Downloader” until you see “Downloader” in the list below the keyboard and then select it.

Step 7

Click on the ‘Downloader’ app icon to select it for download.

Step 8

Click ‘Download’ or ‘Get It’ to download the app and then click “Open” once it has been installed on your device.

Step 9

Once the ‘Downloader’ app has launched and you have closed any update notifications, press the select button on your remote to bring up the keyboard.

Step 10

Now type in and then click ‘Go’.  The download of ‘Pro Streamz’ will now begin.

Step 11

Once the ‘Pro Streamz’ information page  has been downloaded, click ‘INSTALL’ and then ‘OPEN’.

Step 12

After clicking ‘ALLOW’ to requested permissions, you are provided with information about the Pro Streamz app.  Pay particular attention to the IPTV Premium features, because after clicking ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ you will get one-time-only discount offers for this service.

Step 13

Once the ‘Pro Streamz’ app has downloaded, click ‘INSTALL’ and then ‘OPEN’ once it once it has been installed.

Step 14

Enter your e-mail address here and then click ‘NEXT’.  You will be sent a PIN by e-mail that will complete the app activation process.  The PIN e-mail could arrive in your Spam folder, so do make sure you check it if there is more than a 5 minute delay to receive your PIN.

Step 15

Enter your PIN and click ‘NEXT’

Step 16

Choose your preferred access option.  IPTV Premium subscriptions are offered at one-time-only prices at this point.  After installation the savings as described will not be offered again witin the in-app payment system.

Step 17

You will now see the Pro Streamz home page with menu options at the top of the screen.  Please double click the main menu options to open the relevant TV Guide and sub-category channels.  You should visit the User Guide on this website for full instructions.